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Gimme Summary AI

Free chrome extension to summarize articles on the web using ChatGPT AI
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Works in all Chromium-based browsers, such as Chrome, Brave, and Edge.
Works on all sites
100% free and privacy friendly

How to use

Install the Gimme Summary extension from the Chrome Web Store.
Click the extension icon to open Summary window
activate chrome gimme summary chrome extension
Hit Generate Summary button.
(If this is your first time, you need to create a free account on
Generate summary
Enjoy generated summary ☕️
Generated summary

Set keyboard shortcut to launch extension

  • Go to extensions keyboard shortcuts pagego to extensions shortcuts
  • Set keyboard shortcut for Gimme Summary AISet keyboard shortcut for ChatGPT Writer

Troubleshoot issues

How to make it work on Brave browser

If you are using Brave browser, follow these steps to make it work:


Provide feedback, ask questions, and report bugs on Github.

Frequently asked questions

What is ChatGPT?ChatGPT is a computer program that can understand and generate natural language text. It uses a neural network, a type of machine learning model, to generate text based on the patterns it has learned from the large amount of text data it was trained on. This allows it to respond to prompts and generate text in a way that resembles human writing.
Is it really 100% free?Yes


"Gimme Summary AI" extension has no ads, analytics, trackers, or cookies. It does not collect any user data. The only information shared with the AI model ( is the article text in order to generate summary.

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